I strongly believe, that for creating long lasting success, one must remain true to himself and his partners. The only way to show your undeterred commitment to the goals is by risking your skin and soul in the game.

Marek Dochnal – entrepreneur, financier and polo player. A lawyer and philosopher by education, he is a graduate of the Department of Law and Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow Poland, and the Department of Law of the Westfaelische Wilhelms University in Muenster and the University of Freiburg, Postgraduate Law School, Germany. He has also completed International Management, Postgraduate Studies at Columbia University, NYC.

Investing is a substantial part of his professional activity. In 2003, he has co-founded a biotech company which in 2016 was listed on NASDAQ with a market cap of over 600 million USD. In 2016, he took over Sino-Canadian vanadium flow battery technology company which is currently a leading energy storage provider for State Grid of China. It has one of the world’s biggest single energy storage installation of 8 MWh in China. His most recent investment is mining holding company in Mongolia.

Throughout his career he has been the strategic advisor to World Bank, governments and governmental agencies, and a number of the biggest companies in energy, telecommunication, military, and metallurgy sectors.
Having been engaged in a number of businesses and cultural activities in China and Central Asia for many years, he has acquired both experience and affection for these important regions. His ambition is to initiate and promote new quality of the relationships, cooperation and understanding between China, Central Asia and the USA.